People’s Farmer’s Market: Rainy Days and Sunchokes (with recipes)

written by Mary Bailey, Heart Spring Health nutrition intern It was another dreary day in Portland. But, despite the rain, it was Wednesday and that meant the People’s Farmers Market was in session. I had heard great things about this market but had yet to go.  So, after classes ended around 4:30, I headed across the […]

Winter Veggies at the Portland Farmers Market (with recipe)

Mary Bailey is the Heart Spring Health nutrition intern. She’s exploring the farmers markets of Portland this term and reporting back from the field.  Its winter here in Portland, which might get you thinking, “that’s the end of the Farmers Markets, right?” Think again. We are blessed to be living in a place where hearty […]

Delicious and Easy Sauerkraut Recipe — With a twist!

With the warm, sunny weather approaching us, it’s the perfect time to achieve our health goals. Treat yourself to a fantastic fun-filled and health-filled summer. Whether you want to maintain good health or achieve a new health goal (including weight loss, decreasing your pain levels, or improving your energy), one simple piece of kitchen advice […]