Chinese Herbal Medicine

Classical Chinese herbal medicine is a sophisticated, complex, and powerful medical treatment. It very rarely uses specific herbs based on their symptomatic actions (such as ‘this herb helps sleep,’ or ‘that herb is good for infertility’). Instead, the detailed state of the patient’s connection to nature is diagnosed. This state, which is the root cause of one’s condition, is then adjusted with herbs. Our practitioners have taken several years of classical Chinese herbal training.

Hunyuan Medicine

By continually striving to understand the most advanced technology ever to exist – nature – Hunyuan medicine practitioners powerfully, effectively, and safely cure infertility, improve health and maximize longevity. This ancient form of Chinese medicine connects a person to the root of their energy and ensures that the movement of that energy is proper. The principles of Hunyuan medicine allow the root of a problem to be apparent. The practitioner then knows, very clearly, when and how to use extremely powerful herbs. The combination of the clear diagnosis of the root of the problem and the knowledge to use the appropriately potent herbs results in the clinical efficacy Hunyuan herbalism is known for.