Cancer Care

Naturopathic cancer care is the application of naturopathic medicine to cancer care and treatment. Naturopath physicians working in and integrative way bring their knowledge, perspective and experience to aid oncology treatment so that you will have the best outcome.

Many people with cancer choose to include complementary and alternative medicine in their treatment of cancer to reduce side effects, enhance the quality of life as well as, outcomes of their treatment.

Naturopaths who work with cancer understand both the standard treatments employed by oncologists and how best to work with them in a collaborative model of cancer treatment. They know alternative therapies and with an office visit, lab work, and pathology reports can help patients navigate the therapies that are useful for an individuals particular situation.

Naturopathic doctors look at the environment that creates a susceptibility to cancer or an invitation to proliferate and apply treatments and recommend lifestyle changes to reduce the potential for cancer growth and occurrence.

At Heart Spring Health we treat you as a whole person body, mind, and spirit. Cancer is as much an emotional and for some a spiritual journey. We are here to support this part of your treatment as well.