Inez Coppola, LAc

Inez Coppola LAcInez believes that physical aliments often, if not always, stem from emotional and/or spiritual imbalances. Therefore addressing the emotional and spiritual roots of physical issues is an important element in Inez’s treatment style. Blockages can be released directly through the body using acupuncture and other gentle modalities. As the focus of Inez’s treatment is the underlying imbalance she finds herself treating a wide range of dis-ease. Imbalances she commonly finds herself working with include depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, recovering from auto accidents, chronic illnesses, sleep and digestive issues.


Drawing upon a combination of healing techniques, including acupuncture, essential oil treatments, sound healing, energy work (reiki, cranial therapy and qigong), body work (tuina and shiatsu) and plant medicine, she crafts individualized treatments to help release blockages. Inez’s unique ability to create deep relationships with people, plants and the spirit realm allows her to facilitate the healing of emotional, physical and spiritual pain. Her warm, caring demeanor, along with her ability to connect with her patients, enables Inez to build nurturing, therapeutic relationships. Creating a safe and healing environment is very important to Inez. When in a safe space, patients feel more freedom to express their needs and emotions, allowing profound healing to occur.

Inez obtained her Masters of Acupuncture from the National College of Natural Medicine where she studied acupuncture, qigong and Chinese herbalism. Inez combines the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbalism with her knowledge of western herbs. Inez has been studying western herbalism for more than a decade. She has studied with many teachers who prominent in the field of herbalism.

Inez fully realized the importance of her connection to plants and the natural environment during her undergraduate studies at Plattsburgh State University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. Upon graduation, Inez spent a few years traveling, working and living in areas where she was able to deepen her relationship to the natural world and began to truly experience the wonders of nature. Inez’s passion for nature continues and deepens each and every day.

I am here to guide you along your path to optimal health by helping you to tune in to your authentic needs. I will walk side-by-side with you down your healing path and illuminates what is held within the darkness. Once illuminated, you will be able to shift old patterns both consciously and unconsciously. What will our journey look like?
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