Reba Akin, ND, CPT

Reba Akin ND, CPTDr. Reba is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer.

With 18 years of wellness practice, she is passionate about assisting patients to make small changes with big impacts. She is naturally a compassionate listener and caring individual.

Dr. Reba’s practice focuses on weight management, women’s health, nutrition, physical pain, fatigue, insomnia, and exercise. She performs clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing as needed.

Dr. Reba’s expertise allows her to offer many angles to treatment and optimizing wellness including nutritional, botanical and physical medicine, counseling, health coaching and functional training.

A fitness aficionado and nutrition wonk, Dr. Reba loves to help others appreciate how easy healthy can be. She keenly understands the challenges of behavior change as her enthusiasm for wellness accelerated when faced with her own health challenges.

A graduate of The National College of Natural Medicine in 2004, Dr. Reba lives in Portland with her husband and two children. She enjoys playing in the kitchen as well as at the park. Her personal hobbies include cooking, hiking, travel, and time with friends. For more information about Dr. Reba , visit her website