Teresa Laughlin, LMT

Teresa Laughlin Teresa is a licensed massage therapist and Shamanic Reiki practitioner and teacher, skilled at creating a deeply nourishing, therapeutic and relaxing experience.
She draws upon her training and experience with modalities of swedish, deep tissue, trigger point release, craniosacral therapy, yoga and breath-work, as well as intuitive arts to address the connectivity of muscle, nerve, organ and bone, while tapping into the broader experience of body, mind and soul.

Teresa treats both chronic and acute concerns with presence, compassion and an ability to tune in to what is most needed in the moment. She also offers therapeutic Chinese abdominal massage (chi nei tsang) for a host of issues ranging from digestive complaints to low-back pain to low self-esteem.

Shamanic Reiki sessions are built upon an individual’s need at the time. They include the energy medicine offered through Reiki as well as consciously amplified connectivity to one’s personal spiritual compass and allyship of spiritual guides and totems. These sessions are helpful during states of personal growth and exploration, activated anxiety or depression, and especially during transitions such as loss of a loved one, divorce/separation and trauma recovery. Sessions always support one in coming home to one’s authentic self more fully.

A skillful healer, she is committed to bringing greater joy, health and self-love into the world through her therapeutic work with clients.
Life Path::: Teresa’s passion for the healing arts first blossomed through intellectual pursuits as she studied Medical Anthropology at the University of Iowa. She began to recognize the beauty and power held within the healing ways of our ancestors. She initiated her path with the healing light of Reiki in 1998 and became a Reiki master in 2005, throughout those years spending time in Bali, Thailand and China studying with native healers and teachers.

Interested in enriching presence and open-heartedness in her own life, she dove deeply the yogic arts and completed a yoga teacher training course with Pacific Yoga in Seattle in 2002. As she sought ways to nourish and sustain the planet and its inhabitants, her focus turned to nutrition and she completed a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, simultaneously becoming a certified massage therapist through Cortiva college of massage in 2009. The dual studies of nutrition and massage naturally directed her healing arts practice to focus on receptivity and nourishment, highlighting ways to shift our actions, body and biochemistry so that we are able to absorb greater nourishment from all sources: food, nature, relationships, a creative act or even a genuine compliment. Her most recent studies in the intuitive arts have taken place over the last six years with Seattle Medicine woman, Char Sundust and Betsy Bergstrom training Teresa to be a well-rounded and capable shamanic practitioner.