Food Intolerance: Do I Have One?

The idea of food intolerances or sensitivities has been an increasingly popular topic of conversation.  With more research, we are discovering that certain foods are often-times the culprits of our health issues. However, figuring what these foods are is the tricky part. The first step is to understand the difference between a food allergy and […]

Portland Naturopaths Answer Top 10 Questions About Natural Medicine

Our Portland naturopaths fields questions from people who are curious about how natural medicine works. Get answers to these top 10 questions!

Naturopathic Physicians Discuss Car Accident Treatment Options

It is absolutely critical to receive clinical attention on the same day of any motor vehicle collision. Heart Spring Health’s naturopathic physicians combine multiple treatment modalities in order to provide well-rounded treatment.

When should I start immunotherapy?

Dr Laurie Menk Otto Explains Immunotherapy “When should I start immunotherapy?” People often ask me this question when discussing treatment for allergies. Any proactive steps towards treating allergy and reducing associated inflammation is a good time. Treatment can be started at any time, however, there are certain times that are ideal for starting immunotherapy, especially for […]

Heart Spring Health Summer Special!

For a limited time only, Heart Spring Health’s Summer Special!   Schedule a New Patient Appointment Mention this promotion  Receive a FREE “Welcome to the Clinic” gift card!  Don’t wait to take advantage of this great summer deal! Call Heart Spring Health today to schedule.  And tell your friends and family! This offer applies to […]