Are you interested in practicing meditation and mindfulness in a supportive, structured group while learning skills you can take into your everyday life to reduce stress and promote calm?


Join Our Weekly Mindfulness Meditation
Group Class (Now Virtual over Video-Conference)

Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm

This class is open to all, regardless of experience level. There will be a mix of discussion, guided and silent meditation. Each month will have a theme or topic centered around a helpful quality of mind. The class is structured so you can attend one class and won’t feel like you missed something, but those that wish to attend regularly will have a progressive experience.

March Theme – Positivity

It seems to easy to miss or ignore what’s good in our lives. Do you find it too easy to think about the “worst possible scenario”? It’s okay, it’s not just you. Our human brains are naturally attuned to the negative. This served us well millions of years ago when our physical world presented life-threatening danger at every turn, but not in a complex, digital world. The good news is that we have this amazing capacity to intentionally put our minds on the positive with powerful results. This month we’ll practice with qualities like gratitude, trust and humor.

What is Meditation? What is Mindfulness?

Meditation is very simply mental training. It’s similar to playing a sport to train the body. With meditation, we generally keep the body still or quiet so we can focus with limited distraction. This can be sitting, standing, lying down, or walking slowly. Meditation involves working with various states of mind and practicing helpful mental skills. One of those mental skills is mindfulness. Mindfulness is being with our experience, in the present moment, with kindness, without judgement. Mindfulness allows us to be with whatever is happening, pleasant or unpleasant, and provides the space to respond to life intentionally, in a way that supports well-being.

What if I don’t know the first thing about meditation?

First, congratulations for trying something new! We reserve time during each class to discuss meditation basics, body posture, etc. You are welcome to arrange your body in whatever way feels comfortable, whether that is sitting, standing or lying down. You will aim for a posture that is comfortable, stable, and supports alertness and awareness.

Class Details

  • Tuesdays, 5:30 – 6:30pm
  • Cost: $15/class
  • Classes must be scheduled in advance.
  • After schedule confirmation, you will receive a message through the Charm Patient Portal with the meeting invitation link.

Sam Baron, Meditation Teacher

Sam Baron, Health Coach, Meditation InstructorSam Baron offers health coaching, mindfulness and meditation instruction at Heart Spring Health. He believes mindfulness and related qualities are essential to behavior change and a life of health, ease, and calm. Sam’s meditation journey has included Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training, silent meditation retreats, guiding meditation at Pause Meditation Studio in downtown Portland, and active participation in Portland’s mindfulness and meditation communities.

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