Holistic Pelvic Care: A Guide To Women’s Health

Holistic Pelvic CareTM (HPC) is a modality designed to care for the female pelvis.  It combines internal pelvic floor massage with breathwork and visualization to increase circulation and release tension in the organs and connective tissue of the pelvis.  The manual techniques used in HPC are derived from physical therapy: gentle myofascial release and trigger point work.  However, the modality has even more depth in that it acknowledges and works with the emotional and spiritual layers that are connected to these physical structures.

The connective tissue of the body is kind of like memory foam.  When the body suffers physical or emotional trauma, this impact is retained in the tissue.  Proper self-care and lifestyle support the tissue to process and release these traumas naturally.  However, sometimes trauma stays in the physical body as a pattern of guardedness, tenderness, contraction, or countless other possible expressions.  Since the connective tissue is woven like a web throughout the entire body, these patterns can affect mobility and even organ function.  When the pelvis is involved, symptoms can arise such as pelvic pain, menstrual difficulties, fertility challenges, post-partum symptoms, menopausal issues, urinary incontinence, low libido, and lack of sensation.

The good news is that Holistic Pelvic CareTM is remarkably effective at unwinding these limiting patterns and restoring balance and flow to the female pelvis.  When I first received this work, I was surprised to discover how disconnected I was from my own pelvic bowl.  Now, as a practitioner, it never ceases to amaze me how gentle touch combined with awareness and breath, not only opens circulation, promotes healing, and balances the structure of the pelvis, but also connects us to the creativity, joy, and pleasure that is available in our very own bodies.

Alexandra Jackiw, LMT Holistic Pelvic Care


Alexandra Jackiw is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner at Heart Spring Health. In addition to Holistic Pelvic Care, she specializes in mental and emotional complaints, women’s health, digestive issues, skin conditions, chronic and acute pain, and elder care. Call today to schedule your appointment!