Licensed Massage Therapist Explains Shamanic Reiki

What is shamanic reiki?

LicensedMassageTherapyPhoto1Shamanism and Reiki are two distinct paths of healing that contribute to personal and collective empowerment and well-being.  A shamanic reiki practitioner is a bridge between these modalities.

In my personal practice as a licensed massage therapist, I guide my clients on a journey with the Higher Self, helping them discover a more illuminated conscious awareness of their own multi-faceted nature, and reinforcing pathways of Personal Power.  Our hearts and our bodies do not tell falsities, yet many of us feel disengaged from these basic aspects of our humanity.  Shamanic Reiki exists to bring you into fuller awareness of your Self:  your light, your gifts, your unique humanity.

Reiki is defined as “Universal Life Force Energy”; the living, loving, light of Creation energy itself.  The practitioner/client experience with Reiki invites higher vibrational wisdom to nourish health and wholeness and to inform the body of life.  In general it is cathartic, relaxing and supports the shifting of outmoded perspectives so that the natural repair and recovery process can unfold for the client on any and all levels it is needed.  Reiki is an excellent adjunct to other modalities that are helping one through healing journeys and life transitions.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is humankind’s most ancient form of spirituality.  It calls upon celestial, earth, and ancestral energies to work within the spiritual plane of the client:  addressing energy blockages, ancestral patterns, influence of non-Self energies and thought forms, and tending to places where personal power has been lost, given away, taken or frozen.  “Being in one’s own Power” in shamanic terms is not the same as “power over others”, “having control of the outcome” or “being able to push through,” in the way that the modern paradigm references power.  Personal Power is an embodied experience of knowing one’s Self.  It is having access to one’s heart, pathway to well-being, beliefs, and integrity; knowing and living in cadence with what has heart and meaning.

Having greater access to one’s own Power DOES mean having more ability to respond, a.k.a. responsibility!  Not everyone is ready for this.

  • This responsibility comes with the recognition that we are able to create clear and loving relationships within our personal and professional roles, but we have to show up.
  • We recognize it is our responsibility to know our own limits and boundaries and to lovingly maintain them: to give wisely.
  • It becomes our responsibility to parent ourselves, to listen to our body, heart and spirit, and respond as lovingly to our own needs as if we were our own children.

In terms of health and well-being, it is essential to listen and respond to our own bodies’ messages with love.

How is Reiki different than Shamanic Reiki?

LicensedMassageTherapyReiki2As a practitioner combining these modalities since 2009, what is unique in my practice is that I help my clients call on their personal spiritual resources and embark on reclaiming lost personal power.  Rattles, bells and crystals may be used to assist. Learn more about reiki and the healing power of human touch.

What do Shamanic Reiki sessions look like?

  • They look like a basic Reiki session: comfortably dressed, lying on a massage table.
  • Or, a client may remain sitting in a chair if more dialogue or specific shamanic techniques are needed to move energy. If more physical energy needs to be moved, some massage or cranial-sacral therapy may be incorporated.
  • Frequently conversation is a part of shamanic reiki sessions. Basically I listen to the energy flow in your body, addressing patterns and unnecessary entanglements between energy centers, and speak to what your body and Wisdom Self is bringing forward.

How do you know what’s called for?

We call upon your own Wisdom Nature (Higher Self) to be present and guide the work so that all that happens is in deep harmonic alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all your relations.

There is some dialogue ahead of time:  what are you working on, what are you curious about for yourself and your own self-awareness process, where do you need help in moving stuck feelings or patterns, where do you need guidance in building healthy boundaries.

I never go in thinking I know what is best for anyone.  My job is to align to the Highest Vibrational Wisdom and Listen.  I consider it sacred work to be able to help others connect to their own inner knowing, inner wisdom and truth within.

How much time does a session take?

  • First appointments are best scheduled for 90 minutes. It takes a little time for us to unfold the present moment to get a clear sense of what is called for when we are meeting for the first time.
  • Many clients choose to continue with 90 minute sessions, as spending this much time and energy deepening into their Self has therapeutic value in and of itself. Lots of us are “doers” and time spent “receiving” is very balancing for all the systems.
  • Follow-up sessions can be scheduled at 60 minutes if preferred.

How many sessions will I need?

This is your personal decision.  I am happy to consult with you to support ‘feeling into what’s best’.

Some client’s make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments while they are making big transitions, choosing to do personal exploration work, going through a deep healing journey, or really excited by the Self-discovery and results.

Do I need to do anything special to “receive” during a session?

Because the receptive nature is often a base-line energetic of what we are working within, there will be guidance on a personal level.  Physically, receptivity is integral to absorption of nutrients, digestive processes, biological repair and clear conductivity of body system communication.

For the heart, receptivity is being able to receive love and nourishment from relationships (with the Self and others) and being able to digest sensations and emotions as information.   There is tremendous overlap in body psychology, physical health and emotional processing.  Some have had more practice and experience moving into states of deep listening and presence than others.  Some will need more guided visualization to let down the momentum of energy projected to the surface.

portlandmassagetherapistIf you are interested in connecting more deeply with the intuitive language of your body, book a session with Teresa Laughlin, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki teacher and shamanic practitioner.  Her sessions combine bodywork and energy medicine in a way that brings your own intuitive wisdom to the forefront.