Portland Docs Recommend These Heart Spring Health Providers for 2017

Portland Monthly Top Doctors 2017Who would you trust with the care of your loved ones?

That’s the question Portland Monthly posed to thousands of healthcare professionals—doctors, nurses, physician assistants and complementary medicine providers—across 75 medical specialties. Once again, they answered back: Heart Spring Health providers are among the region’s most highly respected doctors.

Eight of our Portland naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists made this year’s Top Doctors & Nurses list, which represents the top 5 percent of Rose City healers culled from more than 12,000 nominees. For the last several years our clinic has made a strong showing on the list.

Our Award-Winning Natural Medicine Providers

According to Portland Monthly’s survey results, some of the best acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors and naturopaths in Portland include:

Stephanie Swanson, LAc

Stephanie Swanson, LAcAs Oregon’s only certified practitioner of Hunyuan herbalism, Stephanie helps women overcome their reproductive challenges. Her integrative style of acupuncture combines a variety of modalities within each treatment, from shiatsu massage to moxibustion to qigong instruction. Although she specializes in women’s health issues—particularly pregnancy and fertility—she also offers lifestyle counseling and other treatments to help patients with sleep problems, emotional troubles, smoking cessation, digestive complains, skin issues and more.

Reba Akin, ND, CPT

Reba Akin ND, CPTA fitness aficionado and nutrition expert, Dr. Reba helps patients make small lifestyle changes that have a big impact on their health. Her naturopathy practice focuses on weight management, women’s health, nutrition, physical pain, fatigue, insomnia, and exercise. After 18 years of wellness practice, her expertise provides many avenues for optimizing wellness, including nutritional, botanical and physical medicine, counseling, health coaching, and functional movement training. She also performs clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing as needed.

Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH

Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPHPatients seeking to remove the barriers to improved wellness find a dedicated health partner in Dr. Laurie. Drawing upon her strong background in research and public health, she investigates the underlying causes of disease and devises creative strategies for adopting and maintaining health-promoting lifestyle habits. As a general practitioner, she combines the best of conventional and alternative medicines to treat patients of all ages, with a special focus on allergy evaluation and treatment using sublingual immunotherapy, or “allergy drops.”

Dr. Carrie Staller, DC

carrie staller dcFor two years in a row, Dr. Carrie has been voted one of the top chiropractors in Portland. She specializes in helping people feel better and more at ease in their bodies—treating headaches and migraines as well as acute and chronic pain—without the use of pain medication. She’s had great success at treating pain or injuries associated with auto accidents as well as repetitive motions such as desk work, sports, playing instruments, exercise and child care. Her experience with multiple adjusting techniques allows her to tailor treatments to the patient’s needs and preferences.

Inez Coppola, LAc

Inez Coppola LAcDuring her deeply soulful acupuncture sessions, Inez applies balm to the emotional and spiritual imbalances that underlie many physical ailments. Using her intuition, acupuncture and other gentle modalities, she helps release blockages directly through the body to treat patients with depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, auto accident injuries, chronic illnesses, sleep problems and digestive issues. Inez combines acupuncture with a wide array of healing techniques, including essential oil treatments, sound healing, flower essences, energy work, body work, and herbs.

Alexandra Ricketts, LAc

Portland acupuncture practitioner“When the essence and spirit are secure inside, there will be no disease.”  This quote from the ancient Chinese medical text, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic, is the fundamental guiding principle of Alexandra’s treatment approach. Drawing from the rich wisdom tradition of Classical Chinese Medicine, she uses acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and Shiatsu massage to treat the disturbances of spirit and emotion that lead to much of what we label as disease. She also incorporates the more modern techniques of Holistic Pelvic CareTM and craniosacral therapy to help patients connect with their inner vitality. Alexandra excels at treating mental and emotional complaints, such as anxiety and depression, as well as sleep disorders, women’s health issues, acute and chronic pain, digestive complaints and skin conditions.

Dr. Serron Wilkie, ND, LAc

portland naturopathic clinicFor the third year in a row, Dr. Serron has been named one of the best naturopaths in Portland. A skilled healer in multiple modalities—from homeopathy and Western herbal medicine to acupuncture and craniosacral therapy—she helps patients understand what their bodies are communicating so they can find ways to restore their health and freedom. With a focus on integrative oncology, a wide variety of digestive concerns, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, and bipolar, Dr. Serron often helps patients seeking deep healing after other treatments have failed.

Teresa Laughlin, LMT

portlandmassagetherapistAn intuitive massage therapist able to tune in to what patients need in the moment, Teresa uses a variety of modalities—craniosacral, deep tissue, trigger point release and Chinese abdominal massage—to create a deeply nourishing, therapeutic and relaxing experience. She also draws upon other healing arts, including Shamanic Reiki, breath-work and yoga, to help patients increase their capacity to absorb nourishments from all sources: food, nature, relationships, a creative act or even a genuine compliment.

How the Selection Process Works

It takes an exceptional healer to make Portland Monthly’s Top Doctors & Nurses list. The magazine solicits nominations from every doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse and CAM provider across three counties. The top five percent of candidates are then individually peer-reviewed by an independent, anonymous panel of doctors and nurse practitioners who consider each practitioner’s patient satisfaction surveys, communication skills, education, and other evidence-based criteria.

Receiving this level of trust and recognition from our fellow healthcare providers means a lot to us. Working side-by-side with other healers across various disciplines enhances our healing capacity and allows us to give our Portland patients the best possible care. We’re firm believers in the power of collaborative care, and we cherish the relationships we’ve forged within the healthcare community.

Want to make an appointment with one of these exceptional healers? Contact Heart Spring Health today.