Webster Technique

Commonly used for pregnant patients, the Webster technique is a specialized approach to analyze and adjust the sacrum or sacroiliac joints to facilitate labor and delivery. The technique is based on the idea that a misaligned sacrum and accompanying tight ligaments or muscles may contribute to a more difficult labor. In this approach, your chiropractor will begin with a full history and exam to assess if procedure will be appropriate for you and to determine if you might benefit from this approach.

Your doctor will then apply a gentle, specific adjustment to your sacrum while you lie face-down on an adjusting table (using a special pillow for our pregnant patients). Then she will treat any tightness found in ligaments in the area (which support the uterus).

This approach is generally very safe for pregnant women and their yet-to-be born babies.

Not sure if this or any chiropractic treatment is right for you during pregnancy? Call for a complimentary conversation with one of our chiropractors to learn more.