Homeopathy & the Law of Similars

Homeopathy medicineHomeopathy (homeo meaning ‘same,’ and pathos meaning ‘suffering’) is based on the law of similars. The law of similars (‘like cures like’) refers to the phenomenon that if enough of a substance is given to a healthy person it will produce a set of symptoms. This clinical trial in homeopathy is called a proving.  These substances given in small doses to an unhealthy person that expresses symptoms matching the remedy, will cure their symptoms.

In Western medicine, an immunization or vaccine applies a ‘like cures like’ strategy, using the same microbe that causes a disease to prevent it from manifesting in the future.

Homeopathy in Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine uses natural substances and methods that are chosen with the intent to correct an underlying problem. Homeopathic remedies are derived from plant, mineral, or animal substances. Each component of the natural world has some basic quality or essence that sets it apart and makes it unique.

Homeopathic remedies begin as a liquid solution that is potentized through a shaking process. Potentization allows the healing potential of the substance to be brought out. This step augments the healing properties of a substance and decreases any adverse effects. Potentization takes the material substance and raises it to a ‘higher octave’ by bringing out its subtler aspects. With high potentization, it’s important to match the symptoms accurately in order to see healing results.

Finding Homeopathic Remedies

In order to uncover what homeopathic remedies will treat, naturopaths have spent the last 200 years cataloging what natural substances will do when given to healthy people. After a substance is given to a healthy person, he or she is instructed to carefully record the symptoms that follow. The symptoms produced when a healthy person repeatedly takes a substance are called a proving. These symptoms are sorted and then ranked. Symptoms that occur repeatedly are considered to be strong indications for that remedy. The pattern they form then becomes a profile for that remedy.

It has been shown time and time again that when the remedy is given to a patient who has symptoms like those arising from the provings, the result will be symptom resolution and reorganization. What causes the symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same symptom pattern a sick person presents.

Transformative Remedies

Railroad tracks and fogHomeopathic medicinals are fundamentally different from conventional drugs. Instead of diverting the chemistry of metabolism, they convey complex informational patterns directly from nature. These patterns give the body energy to reset and gain perspective, allowing it to be efficient in its actions.

Although gentle, homeopathic remedies can have a profound impact on the body. Homeopaths intend to provide support for the evolution and transformation of a person who is challenged by a specific crisis.  Each crisis involves a pattern of resistance or a blockage in the body.  This blockage or resistance is where symptoms originate.

The remedy allows and supports the patient to move through the crisis, the blockage that is created in the body and mind,  with more ease. Homeopathy has the ability to resolve buried issues so that the energy that had been invested in them or keeping them out of consciousness becomes available for another focus.


Discovering a Homeopathic Remedy That’s Right for You

The most effective homeopathic prescribing comes from the practitioner being able to listen and gather the complete picture of your problem and then search for a precise remedy that matches the problem.  When the right homeopathic remedy is given it allows the entire system to be reprogrammed and function better. At Heart Spring Health, we evaluate the whole person—mental and emotional, as well as physical—and carefully match your symptom picture to the patterns that have been established by the clinical trials or “provings” of the various homeopathic medicines.

The whole person is important to our analysis. Because of this, it’s vital that our homeopathic doctors know each and every symptom a patient experiences, no matter what it may be. When we’ve got the remedy pinned down, we will administer a dose of the homeopathic remedy, and then give it time to act. A follow-up visit should be scheduled to assess any changes that may have occurred.

Portland Naturopaths Specialize in Homeopathy

A properly selected remedy stimulates the body to react more efficiently and produce a healing effect. Its action is like hitting a reset button that restores the self-regulatory and healing capacity of the body. Our naturopathic doctors can help you find the best homeopathic remedy for your ailment. Contact us today to find out more about homeopathy and naturopathic remedies.

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