Naturopathic Doctors Explain Women’s Immune Health

When we become ill, it’s often because our immune health is suffering. Our Portland naturopathic doctors understand that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself—unless its vitality is blocked or out of balance. Supporting the immune system is a natural medicine practitioner’s first priority. This infographic examines women’s immune health, including: the top…

Monthly Suffering – Normal, but Healthy?

A lot of women suffer needlessly. Up to 90% of women report painful periods. That’s a lot of us women, the vast majority of us even.

Month in, month out. Take more Tylenol, strap on the hot pack and wait it out, curled up in bed on a Netflix binge. Really? I wouldn’t want to be down for the count on a PMS anti-vacation every month, and neither should you.

And painful cramps isn’t all I’m talking about. I’m also talking about periods so heavy you don’t want to leave the house, periods that seem to come to soon, or not frequent enough. The first step in achieving regular, easy-breezy periods is doing a little of what I call hormone wrangling. It’s true. Those hormones are unruly, and need some gentle-yet-stern guidance.