Angie – Receptionist


A Portland, Oregon native, I am inspired by the beauty of nature, the cosmos, and the boundlessness of humanity. As the main receptionist at Heart Spring Health, I help connect you with the care you are seeking, from the provider you prefer.

To live my fullest life, I practice compassion, love, kindness and empathy, all of which guide me in my role as your liaison. I love interacting, connecting, and communicating with people. And I take pride and delight in helping you get what you need along your healthcare journey.


I studied general science at Portland State University with an emphasis on plant biology. After working many years in the service industry, I joined the community at Heart Spring Health to do work that is more in alignment with my true self. In recent times, my love of plants, nature, and people has translated to an interest in herbalism and acupuncture. I hope to continue my education within those fields.

Outside of work

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my beloved 13-year-old Boston terrier, Darby. I also love to camp and take road trips within the great Northwest and around the globe.

Learn more

You can can contact me by calling (503) 956-9396 or via email You are welcome to write a review of my services on Google or Yelp. (You must be registered with Yelp to post a review there.)