Eliza Hofkosh-Hulbert ND, LAc

Dr. Eliza Hofkosh-Hulbert is a naturopath and acupuncturist in Portland, OR who specializes in patient centered, trauma informed, holistic primary care and hands-on healing

Dr Eliza Hofkosh-Hulbert ND, LAcMy role as a physician is to support each patient in moving toward their own goals for health and healing.  I do this by listening deeply, sharing my knowledge openly, and trusting the messages each person’s body communicates.  I work to practice health care that is trauma-informed, affirming of each patient’s body and identity, and rooted in the principles of informed consent and health at every size.  I am honored to learn more in this practice from my patients every day.

What I offer

I am trained and board-licensed to practice naturopathic primary care.  I also hold national and state licensure as an acupuncturist and, thanks to many generous teachers, am a student in several lineage practices of East Asian medicine.

I work with patients in any or all of the following ways, based on each patient’s needs

  • Annual exams, screening physicals, and preventative medicine to maintain your health.
  • Treatment for acute illnesses like cold, flu, sore throat, etc.
  • Sexual and reproductive health for all bodies.
  • Gender affirming medical care for trans and gender non-conforming people.*
  • Ongoing care for all kinds of health concerns and chronic illnesses, with a focus on:
    • anxiety and depression
    • headaches
    • insomnia and other sleep concerns
    • discomfort or pain during menstruation and menopause
    • skin problems
    • digestive discomfort
    • chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome

*Please know that, unfortunately, for right now there are only binary-gendered, multi-stall restrooms in our clinic space. I am working with our building’s landlord to correct this as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about becoming a patient in light of this obstacle, please contact me!

What to expect from your visit

As a naturopathic doctor, I diagnose illness and track patients’ progress over time in much the same way that a conventional medical doctor would do.  Listening to my patients is my first priority. I seek to honor each patient’s story as a part of my diagnostic process, while also performing conventional physical exams and lab tests.  I apply this information in the context of each patient’s whole self as we search together for the root causes of illness or dis-ease.

As an acupuncturist, I also use less conventional methods of diagnosis in almost every case, including tongue, abdomen, and/or pulse diagnosis.  As a student of the Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pule Diagnosis system, I often spend 5 minutes or more simply “listening” to the pulse by placing my fingers on the patient’s wrist.

Patients and I decide together which treatment tools are needed in each case.  In most cases, at least part of each visit is spent doing hands-on treatment. Patients often leave my office feeling more relaxed, with less pain, and better able to cope with life stresses than when they arrived.


Tools I may use to treat and prevent illness include:

Hands-on work

  • Acupuncture
  • Non-insertive (needle-free) acupuncture techniques from several gentle Japanese styles.
  • Moxabustion, cupping, medical qigong, and other classical East Asian medical treatments.
  • Therapeutic massage and physical medicine. My approach to body-work draws on more than a decade of practice as a massage therapist before attending medical school.  I combine techniques from Craniosacral, myofascial release, Sotai, and a number of other gentle, deeply effective styles.  I also use more vigorous techniques occasionally, when appropriate.

Hands-off work

I love talking about treatment strategies with patients and working together to create a realistic and supportive treatment plan.  I welcome any questions about these modalities!

Working together

To schedule an appointment or find out if I am in-network with your health insurance, please contact the front desk at (503) 956-9396 or info@heartspringhealth.com.  For other questions, you can reach me at dreliza@heartspringhealth.com.