Michael McKee, ND, LAcGet your Life Back from Complex Chronic Illness

I know what it’s like to go from doctor to doctor and not get better. Not every illness fits into the mold of what is taught in medical school. Perhaps you have a number of symptoms affecting multiple parts of your body, but no one has been able to put it all together, and you know it must somehow all be connected. You have been seen by multiple specialists and yet all of your labs and special tests appear to be normal. Maybe you have been given a diagnosis like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis, but the treatments aren’t helping. Patients like this often tell me they feel like their life has been taken away from them. My goal is to help you get it back.

I find that hidden persistent infections are a major factor of complex illnesses. Whether bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal, treating them appropriately can create a major positive shift in wellbeing. Mold toxin illness should also be considered, as mold is found commonly in many dwellings throughout the Pacific Northwest and can have adverse effects in susceptible individuals. Whatever your circumstances, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Overcome Chronic Fatigue

Do you find that no matter how much sleep you get, you are still exhausted every day? Are you pretty active, but now find it’s hard to accomplish even half what you used to? Does exercise make you feel even worse? An estimated 2.5 million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and 90% of them have not been diagnosed. Conventional medicine offers only symptom relief – and that can make the underlying problem even worse. Natural medicine offers a real solution.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may be associated with chronic viral infections, as well as an imbalance in your hormones. My approach is to remind your brain what it has forgotten how to do and bring your body back into balance. I use herbal medicine to regulate the rhythms of your hormones and neurotransmitters so that your immune system and metabolism can bounce back from the brink.

Heal your Digestion and Eat the Things you Used to Enjoy

With chronic digestive problems, I notice patients say they feel better if they follow a certain restrictive diet or if they cut out specific problem foods. These foods may not have caused issues until something shifted in your health. You shouldn’t have to rely on restricting your diet to feel like your digestion is “normal.” Food avoidance is a significant source of stress and can make it hard to socialize with the people you love outside of your home.

It may not be the foods themselves, but the way your body is responding to them. I look for patterns in your symptoms to figure out where there might be imbalance within your body’s “inner terrain.” With the right herbal formulation, your digestion should strengthen to the point where you can enjoy all the foods you used to.

Compassionate Healthcare for Men

Whether living with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, the way you live your life can be a contributing factor to your health. But it also comes down to the genes you have inherited and the life you’ve been born into. When supporting my patients, it is key to take this into consideration and meet you where you are at. A one size fits all approach doesn’t help everyone. I focus on seeing the big picture and supporting your body the way that will work the best for you.

The Tools I Use


Education and Background

I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist having completed 6 years of medical education at National University of Natural Medicine. I have attended the ILADS conferences (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) and am adept at supporting patients with persistent infections. I spent my first two years of practice in an intensive mentorship with a fellow complex illness specialist in order to further my offerings for patients with unique health challenges. I also have experience collaborating as a team with Medical Oncologists within a hospital system to provide evidence-informed supportive care to cancer patients. I practice a blend of Western Anthroposophic herbal medicine and Classical Chinese herbalism. I incorporate the use of abdominal palpation techniques and pulse diagnosis to feel for physical indications of helpful herbs in your body. My approach to herbalism supports greater harmony between your body’s organs as well as your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems in order to help your own body alter the course of disease.

Prior to entering the field of medicine, I studied Chemical Engineering at Rutgers University, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from School of Visual Arts, exhibited internationally as a fine artist, and worked in the textile industry where I ran a design business. My diverse path informs my practice of medicine, in which I aim to support you with logic guided by insight.

I am a member of the following associations:

  • OANP – Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • ILADS – International Lyme and Associated Disease Society
  • OncANP – Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Outside of Work

During the winter, you will find me alpine skiing with my partner. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, hiking, traveling, dancing, and constantly studying herbal medicine.


Contact and Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, please call (503) 956-9396 or email [email protected].

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