Sage Fisher, LMT

Find your natural rhythm and freedom of movement

I blend myofascial release, Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na), Swedish and focused therapeutic techniques to help you find your natural rhythm, freedom of movement and balance in body and mind. I work with your wellness goals and a listening, intuitive touch to design a treatment plan for your unique and completely divine body (spirit vehicle).

Myofascial release to unwind and release your pain

Myofascial release is a gentle and powerful modality that works with the fascia (connective tissue) of the body to unwind and release acute and chronic pain and tension patterns. Recent studies have discovered that the fascial system is continuous. This means that all of the structures that support, wrap, and give shape to your form are all connected – this also means if one area gets stuck, it pulls on surrounding areas, causing pain and tension patterns to emerge, and ultimately changing the form and function of the whole body. Injury, trauma, dehydration or overuse can cause the fascia to “adhere” or get stuck, and when that happens, we lose flexibility, mobility and freedom in our bodies.

I use gentle myofascial release to listen and respond to the fascial tissues and assist the reorganization of fibrous tissues along healthy and functional lines of force. Studies have also discovered that fascial tissue is six times more innervated than muscle tissue, which means it plays a huge role in your experience of pain, our internal “felt sense” and our motor control. This work is profoundly successful in supporting increased body awareness, ease, grace, natural energy and a sense of space inside and out.

Bring harmony to body systems through deep listening and meridian therapy

As a harpist and composer for over 15 years, deep listening has been an integral part of my life, and a skill that has translated to my understanding of the body, balance and harmony. Vibration, texture and subtle movement in the body offer clues to disharmony, and pathways to harmony. Tui Na is an ancient bodywork practice from China based in traditional Chinese medicine. As a Tui Na practitioner, I support your vital energy flow throughout your body. The beauty of this system of medicine is in the belief that vibrant health is a bodies’ most natural state, and when a body is in balance, it heals itself. Through pressure points, meridian therapy, and elemental theory, Tui Na restores balance within the body, between body, mind and spirit, and in relationship with environmental factors.

Rediscover your bodies’ innate capacity for healing

Learning to feel good in our bodies and trust our bodies can be a challenging journey for those who have experienced traumatic events or live with chronic illness. I will work with you to cultivate an environment of trust, compassion and communication to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you. I am here to support your vision and your journey toward vitality, ease and joy in your body.

Education and Background

I attended East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR. I studied Myofascial Release with Roxanne O’Hara, Tui Na with Jace Knox, and Craniosacral with Cyr Zeeberg-Foote.

Contact and Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, please call (503) 956-9396 or email [email protected].

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