Sam Baron, Health Coach, Meditation Instructor

You’ve had a great experience at the clinic, seeing one of the wonderful providers, collaborative care in action, but what happens once you get home? Are you struggling to maintain healthy habits, unable to change stuck behaviors and reach your goals in a more lasting way? You’ve tried to do this on your own, reading every blog, watching every video, and after the initial excitement, find yourself falling back to unhealthy behaviors.

Coaching in Action

I offer health and life coaching to help you change your behavior to change your life. Some areas we can work together:

  • Stress Management and Reduction
  • Food/Cooking/Nutrition
  • Movement/Physical Activity
  • Cravings
  • Time/Energy Management
  • Fulfilling Work and Play

Coaching is a practical process where we identify your personal priorities and the obstacles preventing progress. Then we brainstorm, experiment and implement the solutions that work for you, in your daily life.

I believe that every person already has the resources and intuition to achieve health, happiness and ease in their life. My role as a coach is to help you discover the skills to best work with yourself in the context of what matters most to you. I hold your vision for well-being, provide a balance of accountability, structure and flexibility along the way.

Holistic, Experimental Approach

I practice with an approach that addresses body and mind using a wide array of techniques and tools. We approach change slowly with an openness to try new things, see what works and doesn’t, and to try again. I create a loose space for fun, experimentation and self-discovery.

There are three main pillars to my practice: mindfulness, habits and ancestral health.


How can we change something we don’t fully understand? Mindfulness is simply paying attention to our full experience in the present moment, on purpose, with kindness, without judgement. This amazing human power of attention helps us become familiar and friendly with those unhelpful, knee-jerk reactions. Over time, there develops the flexibility and space to respond with ease and calm.

We may practice mindfulness informally, just paying attention to what we are doing (usually starting with something mundane like washing dishes), or in a formal meditation practice, where we sit and intentionally work with our attention and experience. On our path of change, mindfulness is an essential tool for understanding what is important and what’s working. And as we move forward, we work with other vital, mindful qualities: compassion, kindness, gratitude, positivity, and trust.

Habit Building

Putting you on the road to behavior change starts with approaching every moment as an opportunity to do something different. That road is paved with small, doable, repeatable, intentional habits. We strike a balance between focusing on goals (“what”) and process (“how”). Goals may be far-off, difficult to connect with, but process and habits are something we can do right now. The habits we experiment with are carefully designed to disrupt unhelpful behaviors while serving multiple priorities. Sustainable habits and small behavior changes with mindfulness add up over time to permanent, lasting brain change. You ultimately become resilient to life’s ups and downs because you have your own reliable process to fall back on.

Ancestral Health

My approach to health considers that humans evolved on this planet for millions of years in a certain environment that only very recently has completely upended how we eat, move, work, sleep, live indoors, and socialize. Our genes contain the story of the accumulated trial and error of generation after generation to maximize human health and success, but in our modern world, we have turned our backs on this. I seek to regain balance between the wisdom of the past and comforts of the present.

We will start with the foods and activities that you already enjoy, giving them an ancestral touch. Tweaking meals to be more unprocessed and nutrient dense, getting a little more physically active wherever you are, making an effort to spend time outside with nature, assessing relationships by quality not quantity. I will be with you every step of the way with helpful, healthy tips and tricks.

What to Expect

Experience is the currency of our coaching sessions. Each session begins by checking in on your experience since the last session. What went right, what went wrong? Then we brainstorm what to change, learn and practice. Finally, every session ends with very specific homework (including days, times, and specific tasks). The coaching process requires your consistent, long-term commitment of time and effort. That’s not to say everything will go to plan, in fact we may learn more when things go a little off the rails. And coaching doesn’t end with the session, we will be in communication between sessions. I send you a post-session recap with detailed reminders and follow-up.

Getting Started

You may get a referral from your naturopathic physician for a specific condition supported by coaching. In this case, with coaching under the supervision of your doctor and addressing that specific condition, you may use health insurance. Alternately, you may pay out-of-pocket for a more open coaching process where we work on any of your goals, health-related or not. I typically work with coaching clients in 10 week blocks with a written coaching plan containing specific goals and priorities.

Other Clinic Duties: Clinic Assistant, Website, Marketing

I also perform several other duties at the clinic. As a medical assistant, I handle a range of tasks including taking patient vitals, calling in prescriptions and restocking treatment rooms. I also manage the Heart Spring Health website and other marketing responsibilities.

Contact and Scheduling

To learn more about me and my practice, visit

For questions about coaching or to schedule an appointment, please call (503) 956-9396 or email