Sherry Pittman, NDAs a naturopathic physician, I aspire to assist others in their healing journey.  I believe in the innate healing ability of each and every one of us, and I view my role in your healing process as an investigator, guide, and teacher.  I believe that authentic, heart-centered connections are the basis of any therapeutic relationship, and I strive to make these connections with each of my patients.  I will strive to elucidate the underlying causes of your health concerns, and together, we will create a plan to help optimize your health.

In general, I think a person is only as healthy as each of their parts.  For ideal health, we need to consider each part of ourselves including mental and emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health.  I deeply enjoy helping my patients to assess their health on multiple planes, and I will gladly support your healing in any way that we deem necessary.

One of the exciting aspects of naturopathic medicine is that it encompasses a vast array of healing modalities. I enjoy creating personalized treatments with my patients that include botanical medicine, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, hydrotherapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, homeopathy, and counseling.  I have many tools in my toolbelt, and I aim to create individualized plans that resonate with my patients.

I consider myself a primary care physician, which means that I enjoy being a long-term teammate with my patients over the course of their lives.  That said, I enjoy working with chronic conditions including female health concerns like menstrual irregularities, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility support, menopause, etc.  I also enjoy treating autoimmune conditions, chronic pain conditions, sleep disorders, skin conditions, GI conditions, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndromes, and hypertension.

I find that many conditions have underlying mental and emotional concerns, and helping people through anxiety, depression, and grief is important to me.   I am drawn to understanding how conditions impact my patient’s mental and emotional health, how mental and emotional health affects my patient’s physical health, and how we can heal the physical, mental, and emotional lives of my patients.

I am also passionate about prevention as medicine, and I enjoy performing annual exams and preventative medicine visits.  I view these types of visits as opportunities to give guidance and support a healthy and optimized future.

I am honored to be a member of your health care team, and I look forward to meeting you at our appointment at Heart Spring Health!

Education and affiliations

I graduated with a naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University near Seattle, WA.  During my time as a student, I sought-out extra coursework in women’s health, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation.  After I graduated, I was competitively selected to perform a residency at Bastyr Center for Natural Health where I worked alongside and learned from some of the premier naturopathic doctors in the field.  I selected shifts specializing in women’s health, GI health, and primary care medicine.

Prior to my studies at Bastyr, I earned a PhD in pharmacology from Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN.  I studied sensory neuronal signaling pathways and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.  I’ve always been a student of the sciences, and I graduated from Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC with a bachelors in biology and minors in marine science and chemistry.

I am currently a member of the following organizations:

  • Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Association
  • GastroANP

Outside of work

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest with my partner.  We enjoy hiking, exploring saunas, camping, campfires, lazy river tubing, and biking.  I am also passionate about daily movement, and I make sure to get to my yoga mat daily.  I love dance, Zumba, and free-spirited movement as well.  This winter, we plan to take our first ski lessons, so I may add skiing to my list of favorite activities soon.  I also enjoy quiet, restorative activities including reading with my cat and meditation.

Contact and Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, please call (503) 956-9396 or email Online scheduling is available for return patients only and not all available appointments may be shown online.

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