Our Approach

Heart Spring Health, located in Southeast Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to bringing you a full spectrum of naturopathic medicine that is compassionate, collaborative, and trustworthy. Our approach to natural medicine is progressive and innovative. We practice holistic methods, integrating the latest discoveries in science with well-established techniques that have stood the test of time.

Trauma Informed

We are dedicated to bringing you a safe environment and an approach you can trust. We make a genuine effort to foster a respectful, collaborative, and empowering relationship with each of our patients.


We believe that the best approach to optimal health is to consider the full spectrum of what makes you unique. We specialize in seeing the whole you in all of your complexity. Our training is firmly rooted in the connection between all elements: the physical body, mind, and emotions. This makes our team of Portland natural medicine practitioners exceptionally qualified to help uncover the root causes of illness.


We believe that collaboration is the key to offering the best resources for restoring health. The best outcomes occur when there is teamwork between patient and practitioner, and cooperation among health professionals. We take special care to connect and partner with your healthcare team, whether here at Heart Spring Health or in the greater medical community, to ensure you receive the best care possible.


We combine time-honored treatments that have shown results throughout centuries with the latest scientific and evidence-informed medicine. By integrating current research with traditional wisdom, we provide a versatile approach to optimizing your health and wellbeing. We dive deep to bring you innovative and individualized healing options when standard treatments have failed to work.

The Latest from our Blog

We are passionate about the work we do as Portland naturopathic doctors, and as skilled healers. From western herbal medicine to craniosacral therapy, and from homeopathy to energy healing and massage, these are some of the topics we address on a deeper level in our blog.

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