Heart Spring Health in Southeast Portland, Oregon provides holistic, safe, supportive and inclusive women’s, men’s and reproductive health. We practice trauma-informed care and recognize that everyone deserves to experience quality reproductive wellness no matter their background.

Safe and Consensual

When it comes to reproductive health, these exams and treatments can be sensitive. We are cognizant that a large part of the population has experienced some form of trauma. We are trained to work with populations who have experienced trauma, and are mindful to ensure that you ALWAYS know you are in control.


As part of our mission to treat you as a whole person, we work with you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and/or biochemically to ensure you have the tools needed to make living in your body a good experience. We are here for you each step of the way. We offer longer visits in frequent intervals when necessary to ensure you feel supported as you manage any life transition.

Sex Positive

We recognize that reproductive wellness has an important place in our patient’s lives. Concerns about intimate life is very common and often experienced for a long time before seeking help.  We are committed to providing a safe, judgement-free environment for having an open dialogue around sexual wellness. We believe that everyone is deserving of a rich, satisfying sex life.


There is no body we can’t support. We welcome patients with any kind of body, gender, and sexual orientation, with any type of health goal. From puberty on, our providers offer a full spectrum of care, from annual exams to specialty treatments. We have providers that specialize in women’s health, men’s health, and transgender health. We offer a full range of care to those who seek holistic reproductive care and hormone therapy.

Articles about Holistic Women’s and Men’s Health

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