Heart Spring Health in Southeast Portland, Oregon is ready to support your mental and emotional health care using a caring, team-based approach that combines simple listening with expert functional medicine approaches.


Whether you need an ear to listen, a hand to hold, or a mindful approach, Heart Spring Health is dedicated to supporting your mental and emotional needs with the power of presence. We are here for you every step of the way on your path of healing with natural medicine.


Maintaining good mental health can take a lot of time and energy. At some time or another those with mental health imbalances often feel exhausted or defeated. At Heart Spring Health, we have a “never quit” attitude when it comes to finding creative solutions for mental health issues – it is truly our passion. Even if you have not improved with other therapies, our team is here to provide support and innovative strategies that will bring you back into balance.


We are happy to work with your existing mental health providers to create your own personalized plan. Our treatments can be used in conjunction with standard medical approaches like psychotherapy, psychiatry, and other techniques. Treatment plans may include the use of psychiatric medications; however, if appropriate, our naturopathic doctors can also help you navigate non-pharmacologic management or the decreased use of medication.

Functional Medicine

We help you regain mental wellness through the use of individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, and dietary interventions. Laboratory analysis is used to evaluate and treat underlying biomedical issues which may include nutritional deficiencies, infections, toxicities, and genetic disorders. By focusing on your unique genetic, biochemical, and nutritional status, we implement customized treatment plans based on well-known biological mechanisms of action to provide the best possible outcome.

Somatic Healing

With our understanding that body and the mind are intricately connected, we utilize therapies that rebalance stored energy and emotions so that you can live lighter and with more vibrance. Our practitioners are also trained in the principles of trauma-informed care. We will always prioritize creating a safe environment that takes into account your needs regarding pacing and self-regulation when applying our methods. If appropriate, our providers will recommend working alongside your therapist or counselor.

Articles about Integrative Mental and Emotional Health

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