Heart Spring Health in Southeast Portland, Oregon provides a holistic, compassionate approach to acute and chronic pain management. We are focused on your quality of life from the moment you see us and beyond.

Multi-Dimensional Care

When you suffer from pain it affects many aspects of life, and we are dedicated to a holistic approach. To address your pain we provide diverse and alternative options that integrate physical medicine, biochemistry, mental, emotional, and spiritual care to meet you completely where it is most important. Our multi-dimensional techniques include acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy to heal chronic pain.


Dealing with pain is one of the toughest things to experience. People with pain often feel irritable, depressed, and as though no one understands the physical or emotional pain they are experiencing. We are here to support you entirely throughout the healing process.


Our focus is on improving the quality of your life and the number of healthy and fulfilling years you live. To this end, we utilize an approach that helps you live with less pain and more freedom. We focus on therapies that improve your ability to physically move with greater range and more ease. Our treatments allow you to be more emotionally present and to create room for more joy and satisfaction in all areas of life.

Mind/Body Approach

Often the story of pain goes much deeper than the actual events of your health history. We listen to hear the “words” that aren’t spoken, which can be hidden in your body away from awareness. When painful emotions, thoughts, memories, or biochemical and physical imbalances are not processed adequately they can be stored in your body and contribute to or even cause symptoms like chronic pain. Through somatic techniques we can support an emotional release, and bring these stories into your conscious awareness. This allows you to reintegrate the information in a way that will support growth and bring you deep, lasting healing.

Articles about Acute and Chronic Pain Management

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