Heart Spring Health in Southeast Portland, Oregon offers not only specialty healthcare services, but also primary care and functional medicine services that are relationship driven, prevention focused, and evidence informed.

Relationship Driven

We love that research has found that when patients have a strong, trusting relationship with their providers it helps improve their health. We value these relationships deeply. It gives us a sense of honor to serve you, your family, and our community. We are committed to providing you with the kind of care that stands the test of time, and ensures that you receive the benefits of continuity of care throughout your entire life.

Prevention Focused

At Heart Spring Health, we utilize standard testing and screening along with specialty testing to help us gain a full understanding of your individual risk of disease and identify any areas that are not functioning optimally. The body creates symptoms as a way of communicating that something is out of balance. Rather than simply treating symptoms, our naturopathic doctors seek to understand why the symptoms are presenting themselves, and find the underlying cause of the dis-ease before it manifests as disease. This allows us to supply you with the tools for a lifetime of sustainable health and wellness.

Optimal Health

We are a team of naturopaths dedicated to staying current with the latest research on wellbeing, including sleep, meditation, exercise, and nutrition. We use time-tested knowledge and advanced health monitoring systems to provide you with the best natural health guidance possible so that physically, mentally, and emotionally you are not just surviving – but thriving.

Innovative Medicine

We utilize standard and specialty labs to examine genetic, metabolic, hormonal, nutrient, and immune functions to uncover your unique biochemical map. This data allows us to find imbalances that are influencing your health, and supply you with the latest innovative information for restoring and optimizing your best self.

Evidence Informed

Our team is dedicated to effective therapies that are dependable and evidence-based. We utilize the wisdom of traditional medicine, our comprehensive clinical experience, and the latest developments that science continues to discover to bring you creative ways to support your health and wellbeing.

Articles about Primary Care and Functional Medicine

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