The ancient medical system of China emerged from knowing that the human body and all of nature carries its own intelligence. At Heart Spring Health’s SE Portland clinic, we are able to harness this intelligence by supporting your body’s own healing abilities. We use a variety of treatment modalities: acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork, Chinese dietetics, and medical qigong. We’ll help your body return to its fundamental state of responsiveness where disease declines naturally.

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses very small needles to trigger a healing effect. The needles affect your flow of qi, or energy, in your body. Some styles of acupuncture work to relieve your physical discomforts and other styles can bring relief to your mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. Our acupuncturists have a deep understanding of which points to use, how to use them, and when. Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory is based in nature; the way the stars move in the sky, the way the hours of the day and the seasons progress, the way landscapes are formed, all are reflected in your human body. Understanding of the intricacies of these natural phenomena resulted in the theories that explain acupuncture. The effectiveness of acupuncture is not only anecdotal and historical, it has now been demonstrated by many years of modern research.

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What to expect with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

While each visit to Heart Spring Health is as unique as the patient, it is common for your first visit to last between 60-90 minutes. This gives us a chance explore the underlying factors affecting your health. When we meet, we will discuss your health history and learn more about what’s happening with your body, mind, and emotions. A physical exam may include palpation of the pulses, the abdomen, and the meridians, and a look at the tongue. These are all very gentle, non-invasive procedures.

Your first visit will usually involve a treatment (often acupuncture), a Chinese medicine diagnosis, an opportunity for questions, counseling regarding diet and lifestyle, qigong instruction, prescription of herbs and/or supplements, and specific recommendations for continued treatment.

Subsequent visits will be based on your situation, but acupuncture generally requires repetition for the most benefit so a course of regular treatments is recommended initially, followed by less frequent maintenance care.

Training and Certification for Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

A practitioner of Chinese medicine is a licensed individual who has attended an accredited ACAOM Chinese medical school after completed a Bachelor’s degree with medical school prerequisites. They are licensed by the Oregon Medical Board and are referred to as Licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac.s). They may perform acupuncture and many related modalities such as moxa, cupping, and electric stimulation, massage, prescribe supplements, Chinese and Western herbs, teach qi gong, and provide dietary and lifestyle advice.

Benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Our Acupuncture Providers