Naturopathic Doctors Explain Women’s Immune Health

When we become ill, it’s often because our immune health is suffering. Our Portland naturopathic doctors understand that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself—unless its vitality is blocked or out of balance. Supporting the immune system is a natural medicine practitioner’s first priority. This infographic examines women’s immune health, including: the top […]

Naturopathic Medicine Offers Safe & Effective Alternatives to Antihistamines

Naturopathic medicine alternatives are both safe & effective for allergies. Did you know that antihistamine use can cause side effects like depression?

When should I start immunotherapy?

Dr Laurie Menk Otto Explains Immunotherapy “When should I start immunotherapy?” People often ask me this question when discussing treatment for allergies. Any proactive steps towards treating allergy and reducing associated inflammation is a good time. Treatment can be started at any time, however, there are certain times that are ideal for starting immunotherapy, especially for […]

Dr Laurie Menk Otto shares allergy advice on KGW news!

Allergy season has arrived early this year, and the pollen count has been off the charts! In this news segment by KGW,  Dr Laurie Menk Otto ND shares advice on how to manage seasonal allergies. Hint: It’s all about your immune system!   For more insight on allergies and what you can do to keep […]

Solutions for Allergy Symptoms

The World Allergy Association has named April 13-19 as World Allergy Week. Chances are, you don’t exactly want to celebrate your allergies, but this designation helps raise awareness of the widespread impact of allergy, and draw together collaborative clinical efforts and attention to decrease the suffering of the millions of people affected by allergy and the related conditions of […]