Mary Bailey, RDN

You can be healthy and enjoy food

Your experience with food and eating can bring you closer to the ones you love, to health, to the land, and to the pleasurable experience of taste and satisfaction. If food is becoming complicated and bringing stress, anxiety, or confusion, it’s time for you to check in and explore a new way of relating with food.

Here’s how we can work together:

  • I guide you to listen to your own body’s internal cues with curiosity rather than following rigid diet rules.
  • Support that is health focused, rather than weight focused.
  • Increase curiosity about the food experience and digestion through food/symptom journaling, mindfulness-based techniques, etc.
  • Flexible meal-planning techniques to help simplify the process and establish supportive habits.
  • Evidence-based nutrition information for you to make empowered food decisions.

Learn to trust your internal body cues

Your body has an innate biological wisdom to take care of itself. I am so fascinated by the amazing things our bodies can do! If biological needs are not met, your body will adapt to protect you. When biological wisdom is ignored through dieting or food restriction, a chaotic food experience is born.

Intuitive Eating can help you feel calm around food again. It brings you back to your body and helps you relearn how to listen to your eating experiences. This might feel like a different experience than you are used to, but one that can help free you from the fight against food and your body.

Feel comfortable in your body

I see patients all the time whose primary concern is weight. They often share stories with a sense of shame, like they have done something wrong. Did you ever stop to wonder that it’s not you but the diet culture that is to blame? By working primarily from a non-diet, Health at Every Size® approach, I aim to build trust between you and your body. We will always work to reach a place of improved relationship to self and food so you can feel strong, safe, and secure. Research has shown that a focus on weight loss is not generally helpful in the long-run, but a focus on health is. We will approach this through a weight-neutral lens, primarily focusing on health from a scientific and metabolic standpoint.

Become confident and empowered with your food decisions

I believe that with the right information and knowledge, you can feel confident in choosing supportive foods for your health. With so much information out there, I use simple and flexible guidelines that can be easily applied in everyday life.

So much is tied to the food you eat, especially when your health is involved. With factors like genetics, lifestyle, culture, socioeconomic status, and even food preferences, there is no one true way of eating. What might work for one, may not work for another, which is why I meet you where you’re at. Whatever you are trying to accomplish or work towards, I build upon your current habits to establish a sustainable framework for change. This may not be a quick fix, but it results in change that can last a lifetime.

Fix digestion problems by focusing on the whole eating experience

The eating experience can become more complicated when digestion problems arise. I’ll help you feel physically comfortable by identifying the root cause of those symptoms. One approach I like is Mindful Eating. The gut and brain are connected, and there is a strong relationship between the mind and its effect on how the body processes and responds to food. Through the application of mindfulness-based therapies, food symptom journaling to increase curiosity of food on the body, and support in balancing a way of eating right for you and your gut health, I will help you reach a place of both physical and emotional comfort with food.

Feel supported and heard through compassionate counseling

Have you ever experienced leaving a healthcare appointment feeling overwhelmed and self-critical? Have you ever felt unheard when sharing your concerns with food or body image? That is no way to feel when you are in search of support and guidance. From my experience with patients, compassion, above all, can lead to the most success. I strive to create a space free of judgement in which you feel heard and safe. Like you, I have had my own experiences where food caused more emotional harm than good. I have so much compassion for those seeking support and look forward to unlocking that freedom and joy that the eating experience should always give us.

Education and Background

I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Vermont where I received my B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. From there I moved to Portland, OR to attend the M.S. in Nutrition program at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). I went on to complete my Registered Dietitian certification, completing 1,200 hours in clinical and community nutrition counseling throughout various locations in Portland. Because my education covered both the Eastern and Western approaches to nutrition, I am able to look at nutrition through a variety of lenses, tailoring treatment to the individual’s needs and point of view.

I have trained under experienced Registered Dietitians and Naturopaths over the course of my education. Because nutrition plays such a big part in the ND’s treatment plan, I have done hours of research on applicable diets, ways of eating, and healing foods that can be used to complement the treatment of chronic conditions. My previous experience as an intern and a nutrition counselor has shown me just how influential diet changes can be. I continue learning every day from patients, family, and friends.

Contact and Scheduling

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