balancing on cliffThe practice of InnerDialogue™ assists in the unfolding of a pattern that pre-existed and led to the individual’s present state, or illness. A narrative ensues, using kinesiology and mudras, allowing the patient to understand the dialogue that is influencing their current condition. This leads to an appropriate therapeutic process which will aid with healing or resolution.

The mind and body are intertwined, that is our thoughts influence our bodies and how they function. The fundamental elements of the human condition have a “force” or stress that affect us. This comes in the form of thoughts when we are under stress or in a state of anxiety. In turn, the condition influences how we hold our bodies and manifests in a different way than when we are in a happy state. These internal elements may also be affected by forces outside oneself, such as another person’s feelings or state of mind. Whether internal or external, these influences are the originating event that causes an imbalance. Furthermore, this narrative illustrates what events have occurred that are still affecting the body and how it functions.

InnerDialogue™& Kinesiology

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The work of InnerDialogue™ is augmented by the therapeutic modality created by Solihin Thom DO (UK) DAc (SL). The process involves kinesiology–manual muscle testing. It works as a feedback system that is coordinated by the muscles and nervous system. It also uses mudras (hand or body gestures) as a language that provides a non-verbal narrative from the patient. Muscle testing provokes a change when the relevant mudra is placed into the hands of the client.

By using mudras and interpreting their message, one could be directed to specific areas in the physical, emotional, or chemical systems of the body. The body then communicates in a nonverbal way back to the practitioner, guiding them to the most practical, efficient, and precise level of therapeutic correction.

Through InnerDialogue™, a combination of mudras is stacked until the patient’s body lets the naturopath know that this is their immediate narrative that needs to be elicited. The body is then held in its story state, allowing the force of the narrative to facilitate change of the distorted rhythms it was holding. This approach enables the naturopathic practitioner to observe how the parts of the human organism have been displaced, altered, or disordered. The InnerDialogue™ model is supported by the notion that matter is energy, and energy, when activated through time and place, acts as a force.

Ontological kinesiology uses mudras to read the story of a disorganized system. It charts inherited or mimetic patterns, stored or constructed memories, environmental nuances, emotional and sensory experiences, habitual and instinctual behaviors, human beliefs, and other models of thought and understanding. With the help of muscle testing and hand gestures, naturopaths are able to find the root cause that makes a particular life force become dominant.

Naturopathic Healing Through Therapeutic Language

Mudras are used in therapeutic protocols as a language. They can be used to “ask” the human body to ascertain what has occurred to cause the present situation. This allows a naturopathic physician to reveal the story of the person, and the dynamic that needs to be addressed. This cuts through normal models of illness and pathology, as it allows us to understand the inner processes that occur within a human: the loss of connection, the lack of value, or the disorder of their natures.

InnerDialogue™ allows us to find the story and hold it as a “shape”, energy , or force when palpating. The system changes by itself, as we become conscious of and hold, without force, the various originating events or influential forces that permeate certain structures of the body.

Healing with InnerDialogue™ at Heart Spring Health

Natural Healing through InnerDialogThrough helping people to understand the etiology of their state, a person can begin to rectify and re-order their own internal self which, in turn, can promote health and wellbeing. This is facilitated by the person beginning to connect with, adjust to, and reorient with a central connection. We refer to this as wholeness.

Through the support of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, a practitioner can hold the pattern of the story as it is palpated in the body and bring awareness and support without judgment. Change has the opportunity to occur because one is supported by a conscious and cognitive awareness of their original dysfunction, presenting both a choice to change and the feeling within to do so.

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