Michael Mottmann, DCPortland Monthly Top Chiropractic Doctor 2021

I like to let my sessions be an organic journey through the body, finding the sources of tension and immobility that can lead to pain and restrict the potential for joyous freedom of movement.  I utilize the diversified chiropractic technique, along with my experience in soft tissue work developed in my former career as a massage therapist.  I also use a variety of muscle energy techniques for releasing tension I have picked up along the road.  In my treatments, I search for ways to release chronic tension, to release counterproductive guarding patterns in the body, and allow for a return to natural movement.  I analyze posture and gait, workshop movements or activities that are painful or restricted, and give every patient self care or exercise work they can take home to get the most benefit from our time together, and to keep improving their condition every day.

Conditions Treated

I can help you feel better and show you how to improve your health. While I can help with a great variety of complaints, I have found that I frequently help people experiencing

Background and Education

I graduated from the University of Western states in 2018 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic.  I am also working on finishing their Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.  During my years in practice as a massage therapist working in a chiropractic office, I saw that the pain relief we provided to a subset of our patients was only addressing the symptoms of deeper disorders; what they truly needed was a change in their fundamental health, and a revamping of their nutrition, lifestyle, and mental state.  I am also working on completing a yoga teaching training.  With this diverse background, I hope to be able to choose from a broad set of tools and therapies to address the deepest needs of my patients, and to see their health transform.  I have been a baker, a caterer, a transportation planner, and the manager of food services to a 1500 member housing cooperative.

Outside of Work

I moved to Portland in 2014, and I love having rainforests nearby to get lost in, volcanoes to climb up and ride down, yoga studios on every block, giant rivers to swim in, and moss everywhere!  I spend my time hiking, practicing yoga, climbing rocks, playing and harvesting in my beautiful vibrant garden, getting cozy and drinking tea while reading, snowboarding, attempting to jumpstart my dormant musical brain with daily doses of piano and guitar, riding bikes on the long paths separated from traffic, seeing live music, and cooking up a storm with delicious fresh ingredients, as many taken from my garden as possible.


Contact and Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, please call (503) 956-9396 or email [email protected]. Online scheduling is available for return patients only and not all available appointments may be shown online.

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