Stress Management and Acupuncture

In modern society stress is out of control! Stress comes in different forms and affects our brain and body. Stress can be short term or long term, otherwise known as acute or chronic. Short term stress makes the body respond in ways that are meant to help us survive. These adaptive responses are not supposed […]

Collaborative Natural Medicine for Motor Vehicle Accidents

When the impact of a car accident hits, we absorb it like a punching bag. Our muscles clench as the tremendous energy of the crash is transferred into our bodies. The trauma of that force becomes lodged in the memory of our muscles as well as our nervous system, leaving a record that can last […]

Portland Naturopathic Doctor Discusses Functional Movement & Pain Relief

There is a branch of natural medicine that has powerful tools for restoring functional movement and eliminating pain through corrective exercise. Portland’s Heart Spring Health practitioner, Dr. Reba Akin, is a naturopathic physician, functional movement specialist. Learn more!

Portland Natural Medicine Practitioners Offer a Pain Management Case Study

For our natural medicine practitioners in Portland, chronic pain is an enormous puzzle that we piece together. Learn more about our collaborative approach & how we helped one of our patients.

Naturopathic Physicians Discuss Car Accident Treatment Options

It is absolutely critical to receive clinical attention on the same day of any motor vehicle collision. Heart Spring Health’s naturopathic physicians combine multiple treatment modalities in order to provide well-rounded treatment.

Neuropathy and Pain: Do I have it? What can I do about it?

May is National Neuropathy Awareness Month! Today we’ll explore what neuropathy is, why it happens, how to know if it’s happening to you, and what you can do about it. Let’s get started! There you are, working at the keyboard like always, minding your own business, when suddenly your hand starts to feel funny. Maybe […]