Licensed Acupuncturist Shares 5 Reasons to Embrace Flower Essences

Flower essences are amazing for emotional and spiritual healing

Purple flowers near mountainsAre you seeking freedom from emotional pain? Are you feeling like something is just not right? Maybe you are feeling like you are not living a life that is in alignment with your higher self. Flowers are here to help! Flower essences are subtle yet powerful, potent medicines that often profoundly affect emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When given in combination with acupuncture, bodywork and other modalities, they facilitate going deeper and integrating the healing process. Flower essences mostly support changes in the more subtle realms of our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self, which affect our physical well being.

Okay, they sound great, but what are they?!

Flower essences contain the energetic imprint of the flowers from which they are made. They are very dilute and unscented. Flower essences are often confused with essential oils, though they are actually quite different substances. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils made by distilling plant material, whereas flower essences are made by allowing flowers to sit in a bowl of spring water in the sun (or moon and stars), which imprints the flower’s energy signature on the water.

5 Reasons I love to use flower essences

1. Soul Medicine

Flower essences work with the flow of nature, waking up what is lying dormant within us, and releasing old patterns that hold us back from truly shining our beautiful light into the world and living our destiny. Flowers speak directly to our soul and heal old emotional patterns, allowing our inherent positive qualities to flow freely. They carry profound messages that can be heard and felt. Sometimes you know a shift has occurred but you cannot explain it. There have been many times while working with essences that I heard exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, or I felt deep, much needed shifts in my body.

2. Subtle yet profound

Flowers in MeadowAs flower essences work with the flow of nature, they do not force anything. They gently illuminate what we need to see to support deep and profound healing. Flower essences expand our awareness of what is happening within ourselves and open up our consciousness beyond what it is currently able to perceive. Therefore, each person may experience the effects differently. Each unique experience may range from the very subtle to the more obvious.

Potential effects you may notice and feel:

  • You may experience increased feelings of lightness, happiness and peacefulness.
  • As the flower essences gently help us become aware of and shed old patterns, you may notice old, undesirable mental and emotional patterns often begin to shift and fall away.
  • Buried emotions that no longer serve us may rise to the surface to be expressed and cleared. This can be uncomfortable for a short period of time, yet it is a vital part of the healing process.
  • The flower essences can teach us how to approach things in a new, healthier way once the old patterns shift. You may find yourself more able to act and react in ways that are more aligned with your highest self.
  • As your internal reality shifts, you may find your external and/or physical circumstances shifting in positive ways, as when our insides shift, our outer world shifts in response.

3. Safe to use with children, animals and very sensitive folks

Flower essences are powerful yet extremely gentle and very safe to use with anyone including children and animals.  I have seen amazing results with animals and young children. Some sensitive folks cannot tolerate much in the way of herbs or medications, but they are able to easily tolerate flower essences. Even alcoholics, who often cannot tolerate many herbal medicines due to alcohol content, can take them (as they can be blended in something other than alcohol, such as glycerin or vinegar).

4. Accessible (low cost) and environmentally friendly

Flower essences are relatively inexpensive (often about $15 for a supply that lasts 4-6 weeks) compared to many medications and supplements. They are environmentally friendly, as very little actual plant matter is used in creating essences since they are an energetic imprint of flowers.

5. I love flowers!

I have always loved flowers and plants. Many of my first memories involve plants- memories of me talking to the trees and flowers, and eating plants in the back yard. Somehow I just knew which ones I could eat! I don’t recommend you trying this! When I was first introduced to flower essences, I was amazed at how simple and yet how powerful they are- truly medicine for the soul. I love flowers, and they continue to bring me such happiness. When I am feeling sad, I spend time with flowers, either in this physical world (hiking in Portland’s wildflower meadows or visiting a local flower farm), or taking essences so I can connect to them energetically. I have found them to be profoundly supportive in my own healing journey. Therefore, I love to support my patients with this profound medicine.

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Inez Coppola

Inez Coppola LAc is a Chinese medicine practitioner at Heart Spring Health in Portland, OR. Inez has been working with flower essences for 12+ years. She weaves together acupuncture, flower essences, bodywork and other modalities to unlock each patient’s potential to feel fully alive. To learn more about Inez, visit and To schedule an appointment please call Heart Spring Health at (503)956-9396.