Portland Natural Medicine Improves Well-being: Exploring Creativity,Trust & Intuition

PortlandnaturalmedicineclinicCreativity, trust and intuition are essential ingredients directing us to listen, listen, listen within.  I’m going to ask that you zoom out your lens and allow yourself for these moments of reading to consider the bigger picture of your Life:  how the following words might apply to your Soul’s journey.

There are times in our life when we are either internally pulsed to make a great change or an external event catapults us into re-organizing our beliefs of what is Real, True and Necessary.  When these times happen, it is as if a great chasm opens up and we palpably experience the difference between where we are and what is to be.  We might feel lost, or disoriented.  This space that opens up is primal Creativity itself and it is the proverbial edge of the cliff.

Creativity is not the same as artistry or mastery.   Creativity is a wave we ride as human beings; it is not something we can buy or consume to get more of.  It is not distinct or separate from our Life, but an aspect of it, much like currents are an aspect of water, or wave an aspect of light.  Creativity is a natural force within ourselves that can be harnessed and applied.

When we are called to change patterns and behaviors to improve our well-being, or to gather support to get through a challenging time, we can be overwhelmed by the seeming gap between where we are and where we might like to be.  That space is where we birth entirely new expressions of well-being.  Contrarily, we may for a time birth fear and resistance; retreating into the very habits we wish to be free from.

Creativity must start with empty space:

A womb, a template, a blank wall, an unbooked hour.  When it is time to bring in new – new habits, new routines, new ways to honor your body, new ways to honor your dreams – first make space.  A moment of silence.  A morning spent journaling.  Finding a way to reduce “busy”.

This space, this call to play with creative potential, creates the most challenge when it threatens who we think we are or who we know ourselves to be.  There can be recoil when we have no idea how to bridge our current life with something that feels more like a dream.  A barrage of doubtful thinking can squelch the intuitive voice and internal signals.  It is on those precipices in between two seemingly different realities that fear can take hold and we will grab for answers before we even discover the heart of our question.

Then there is Trust:

Listening to and trusting the wisdom of your body and heart is the baseline of intuition.   The body and heart will guide us through the most challenging of times, if only we will listen.

Oftentimes we have to build or renew this listening to our intuition, our inner knowing, our gut feeling, especially during times of great change or upheaval:  when our life is on the creative edge.  Trust becomes the antidote for needing to have all the answers up front.  Trust is required as we explore nuance between surrender and control, personal and divine will, doing and allowing.   We may not have control over ultimate outcomes but we do not have to be the victim of circumstance either.  Trust allows the Self to recognize the fluidity of wisdom, not simply the cool edges of facts.

There is a warning here:  thinking about trusting your intuitive promptings is not the same as actually tuning your intuitive perceptions inward and trusting what you feel and know in your deeper fibers.  Deepening into trust enables us to be carried across the unknown, even across the swiftest of life’s rivers, creating new experiences and confidence in Self.

At our Portland natural medicine clinic, our practitioners work collaboratively to help you begin your journey to well-being.  There are many natural treatment options that can provide emotional and physical support during challenging times; for example, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, Reiki & accupuncture.  You may be aware of the physiological effects of massage, but there are also emotional and neurological benefits to massage therapies.

portlandmassagetherapistIf you are interested in connecting more deeply with the intuitive language of your body, book a session with Teresa Laughlin, LMT and Reiki teacher.  Her sessions combine bodywork and energy medicine in a way that brings your own intuitive wisdom to the forefront.