acupuncture needlesAcupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into the body in order to induce a therapeutic effect. The needles affect the flow of qi, or energy, in the body. Sometimes they are used to work on more physical aspects of the body, such as releasing trigger points. Some styles of acupuncture work on the emotional or spiritual aspects of the body. There are many layers of understanding which points to use, how to use them, and when. The core of Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory is very nature-based; the way the stars move in the sky, the way the hours of the day and the seasons progress, the way landscapes are formed, all are reflected in the human body. Understanding of the intricacies of these natural phenomena resulted in the theories that explain acupuncture. The effectiveness of acupuncture is not only anecdotal and historical, it has now been demonstrated by many years of modern research.

Acupuncture treatment from one practitioner can vary from another because most modern acupuncturist’s training consisted of a combination of standardized principles and lineage-based knowledge. At Heart Spring Health, each of the acupuncturists are unique. We combine Five Element, Classical Neijing, TCM, and Japanese acupuncture in our practices. Please contact us to find out which practitioner would work best with your goals and schedule.

What can acupuncture treat?

Pretty much everything. If acupuncture can’t fix it, it can at least assist in the process of fixing it. Most types of pain, injuries, emotional disorders, internal organ issues, immune and nervous system issues, sleep problems, acute diseases such as cold and flu, women’s health, health concerns during pregnancy, recovery from and alleviation of side effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery, skin problems, problems with sensory organs, etc, etc, etc.

By diagnosing and addressing the root issue of the complaint, the whole body regains balance, strength, and health, and thereby most other health issues are usually improved (even if the practitioner didn’t know about them!). Acupuncture is a truly holistic form of medicine.

Other modalities that are often utilized in an acupuncture treatment include moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, tui na, shiatsu, reiki, essential oils, ultraviolet heat therapy, diet and lifestyle suggestions, and qigong.

Acupuncture Providers