Julie Verfurth, ND

I am a Portland naturopath with a focus in mind-body medicine, holistic diabetes care, and natural menopausal support. I am committed to uncovering and exploring the feelings, beliefs, and past experiences that may be playing a role in your health to bring you greater symptom relief and deeper healing.

Julie_V Headshot for HSHI help my patients reach these closely held parts of themselves through homeopathy, holistic counseling, and other “mind-body” techniques. Often, I add a gentle form of bodywork called Bowen Therapy  to help release body tension and pain, which allows mental-emotional information to become more accessible.

The intersection of diabetes and mind-body medicine is a main focus of my practice. I help my diabetic patients (adults and children – Type 1 and 2) improve their health through “holistic diabetes care”. My comprehensive approach includes diet, medications, and exercise, and it also places a strong emphasis on addressing the emotional challenges of living with diabetes. My goals for you include: achieving optimal blood sugar balance, reducing complications, and living a more joyful, less stressful life.

Another population I serve is women in mid-life – at or near menopause. Having a strong background in hormone balancing, I believe making a smooth transition from the childbearing years to the “crone” or wisdom years requires that women look not only at their physical health and hormone states, but at their deeper internal states as well. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions must be healthy and balanced in order to experience the satisfaction and joy that this phase of life can bring.

I look forward to helping you achieve a state of enduring good health!

Education and experience

I graduated from National University of Natural Medicine in 2001 with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and have worked in several sectors of the healthcare industry over the years.

I am choosing to return to private practice after exploring other interests within the medical field. The impetus to return to patient care comes largely from an experience that gave me the opportunity to be fully present to listen to people’s life stories. In this role, I came to realize that our experiences, feelings, and beliefs play a key role in the state of our health. This revelation has informed my current treatment approach.

Through a personal experience, I have gained tremendous insight into what individuals and families go through as they learn to live with care-intensive health challenges. I believe my new depth of understanding and compassion enhances my capacity to assist patients.

Outside of work

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy exploring mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. I love playing with my son, my dog, and the squirrels in my yard. I try to be out in nature as often as I can, talking to trees, absorbing the vastness of the sky, and marveling at the amazing design of nature.

My patients say

“Dr. Julie has a calm, healing presence.”

“I really felt listened to during our session.”

“I appreciate that Dr. Julie is trying to get to the root of what’s going on with me – not just cover up my symptoms.”

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Learn more

You can reach me at drjulie@heartspringhealth.com. To schedule an appointment, please call (503)956-9396 or email info@heartspringhealth.com.
Julie Verfurth