Julie Verfurth, ND

I am a Portland naturopath with a focus in mind-body medicine, holistic diabetes care, and natural menopausal support.

I am returning to private practice after several years of exploring other interests within the medical field. The impetus to return to patient care comes largely from my work at a clinic where my patient encounters did not involve complex decision making – mostly listening and note-taking. I viewed this as a luxury because I had the opportunity to listen without distraction to people’s stories. And what I came to realize was that people’s experiences, feelings, and beliefs play a key role in the state of their health. After this revelation I became committed to uncovering and addressing these emotional states and past traumas with my clients with the goal of improving symptoms, maybe even to the point of overcoming chronic health conditions altogether!

I attempt to access these deeply held parts of my clients through homeopathy, holistic counseling, and other “mind-body” techniques. A gentle form of bodywork called Bowen Therapy is often added to the plan to help patients release body tension and pain, which allows the mental-emotional information to become more accessible.

Additionally I have an evolving interest in helping diabetic patients realize optimal health through what I call “holistic diabetes care”. Addressing diet, medications, exercise, stress, and the emotional component of diabetes, among other things, creates a comprehensive approach that helps patients achieve optimal blood sugar balance, reduce and/or prevent diabetic complications, and live more joyful, less stressful lives. I work with adults and children – Type 1 and 2 diabetics.

Another population that I have an affinity with is women in mid-life – at or near menopause. Having a strong background in hormone balancing, I have come to realize that making a smooth transition from the childbearing years to the “crone” or wisdom years requires that women look not only at their physical health and hormone states, but at their deeper internal states as well. Mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects must also be healthy and balanced in order to experience the satisfaction and joy that this phase of life can bring to a woman.

I am mother to a child who is learning to live with a recently diagnosed chronic disease. The journey that we’ve been on in adjusting to this huge change in our lives has given me tremendous insight into what families dealing with health challenges of all types go through on a daily basis. I have experienced a new depth of understanding and compassion and feel that my abilities as a physician to assist patients in a more comprehensive way has grown in turn.

Outside of my professional life I enjoy exploring mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. I love playing with my son, my dog, and the squirrels in my yard. I try to be out in nature as often as I can, talking to trees, staring in awe at the sky, and being amazed at the design of nature. Recently I came to really understand what the Golden Rule means and to appreciate the profound potential for healing our planet that embodies it. What if the majority of humans were to follow its simple direction?

“Treat others (all beings on this earth) as you yourself would like to be treated (in all circumstances).”

I look forward to helping you achieve a state of enduring good health!
Julie Verfurth