Prepared Foods

How to Prepare for your Diet Cleanse

The preparation phase of your diet cleanse is one of the most important steps in ensuring success. Nutritionist Mary Bailey explains the preparation steps so you will have an easier time overcoming and foreseeing challenges along the way.

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Astrology Wheel

How Astrology can benefit Acupuncture

Astrology guides us to understand what specific areas of our life require personal growth and transformation and can be a powerful complement to your acupuncture experience. Read how Laura Allmacher has combined these therapies in her practice.

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Pineapples celebrating the new year

New Year, New Gut: An Introduction to Diet Cleanses

The new year approaches, you decide to do a diet cleanse, but maybe you panic with all the information out there or you don’t know how to cook or it gets hard after a week or two and you give up. At Heart Spring Health, we offer Nutrition Counseling that guides you through starting, maintaining, and successfully completing a diet cleanse.

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